Old and new

Fort Langley is a lovely historic community on the banks of the Fraser River, about 30km east of Vancouver BC. The original Fort was built in 1827 and the community has seen many changes through salmon and timber industries and the gold rush. Restored historic buildings buildings and individual shops attract tourists out of the city, to stroll and drink coffee, or for more energetic activities like biking and canoeing.

We have visited here before, staying with family, and today we have shaken off our jet lag to wander around the town to see what’s new.

We saw film crews out today, creating new scenes against this historic background. We explored new development along the banks of the Fraser, with a range of waterfront housing and attractive mixed commercial and residential new building. The old long established grocery store which was burnt down a couple of years ago has been sensitively rebuilt, while favourite haunts such as Wendel’s coffee shop and book store remain unchanged and as popular as ever.

This town is changing, but it needs to. To keep history preserved and unchanged could turn it into a museum. There has been resistance, but new development is attracting new residents, families and young professionals. And so the heritage is being preserved, but the community remains vibrant and looking to the future.
A lesson for me too?

Wendel’s coffee shop

Florist in new development

Fraser River



3 responses to “Old and new

  1. Lovely to read your news. Keep it coming. Pouring with rain here and very windy. You’re in the best place.

    • Very heavy rain here when we arrived, and we are glad we did not fly into Calgary this time. The city centre there has been evacuated because of rising floods. The main road between Canmore and Banff across the Rockies is completely closed by rising rivers.
      There’s no escape from rain it seems!

  2. What an interesting place. We missed this altogether when we were in BC and wished we hadn’t!
    Are now back home again and although I read your posts on my phone, I find it difficult to comment so am catching up on laptop! On to next post….

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