Long Haul

The day started in the dark, as we left the house before the dawn. We sped towards Gatwick under a pink and red cloudy sky. We enjoyed an early breakfast watching planes emerge from low clouds, and take off in quick succession.

Now twenty four hours later, we are in Western Canada. It is a rainy evening on a different time zone, and we are struggling to keep our eyes open as we long for sleep.

I hope in my next few posts to share some small stones collected from this very beautiful part of the world. Here’s one for today, and now…….Zzzzzzzzzz…….

Runway, slow taxi
Follow the diamond light trail
Then take off through clouds.

Not a good photo, but it was definitely murky this morning, not unlike my jet lagged head feels right now!


4 responses to “Long Haul

  1. Look forward to hearing about Canada. Hope jet lag soon disappears. We have just returned from Greece, only two hours difference but still taking its toll!

  2. Hi Cilla and Steve, Glad you’ve arrived safely. Thought of you at 4 a.m. making a cup of tea. Decided not to phone you as you’d think it was Mrs S wanting to come with you. The allotment is going well and hasn’t really noticed your escape. Looking forward to next photo. Funeral later today. Pt has said she hopes to come and see us when we are at T & L’s.
    What’s the rhubarb like in Canada?

    Cross continental love T & M

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