Treasure in the puddles

It is hard to believe I am writing about the weather AGAIN!
Saturday, temperatures are rising, but clouds descending. We swish along country roads which are rapidly becoming running rivers as heavy rain falls.
We are doing our bit to support local rural communities by visiting events in local villages. A fabric sale to raise money for the local church, open gardens to support a community shop, and a bazaar creating funds for the community library.

So much hard work has gone into preparing for these events, but their success is often determined by the weather. Today was gloomy, lots of puddles and umbrellas, and crowds not in abundance. But there were some special moments and great finds.
We feasted on warming soup,  excellent coffee cake, and a selection of interesting second hand books! And we returned home with some treasures, a “bag of gold” fabric scraps, a pot of cheerful cowslip trumpets and a 1930’s bowl for my kitchen shelf.


7 responses to “Treasure in the puddles

  1. Thank you for sharing that lovely wander around your community, Cilla – so many different events going on, and all done for love of things that are important to that community. I try to do the same as you did – buy a print from this artist, send a ‘drop in the ocean’ to help out someone else – it’s these individual contributions, and the ‘just turning up’ that makes the difference – and it sounds as if you benefitted in numerous ways as well – a ‘win-win’ situation all round 🙂

  2. Well done! I only managed one of these events, in a very wet Witchampton garden but brought back a beautiful hellebore and a red pulsatilla which I haven’t seen before. I felt full of admiration for the stall holders who planned to stay until 3.00 in the bitter weather and very pleased that the event appeared well attended despite the rain. Gardeners are a hardy lot! I can’t count myself among them I’m afraid, my new plants will have to wait for a bit of warmth before they find a place in my garden.

  3. It looks like it turned into a colourful day despite the overcast weather. Love the fabrics.

  4. Lovely cowslips.

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