Story houses

Today we woke to blue sky and sunshine, although the wind was steely cold. We visited two homes, connected with a couple of very different writers.
Greenways is the beautiful home of Agatha Christie, stuffed full of her collections, and memories of her life, family and work. We strolled the gardens enjoying the peach houses, the magnolia trees and glorious views of the river Dart.
Then on to a completely different house, Compton Castle. Nestled in a deep hidden valley, with gardens of ancient apple trees, this was home in the 1500s to the discoverers and founders of Newfoundland, and is still lived in today by modern descendants. Severe, cold and castellated, with remains of portcullis defences, this was the place which inspired the magic of Elizabeth Goudge’s Moonacre Manor, in her children’s book the Little White Horse.


20130402-224356.jpgCompton Castle


2 responses to “Story houses

  1. Got here via via 🙂
    Does that mean that the national Trust houses are now open?
    Hard to believe with the weather we are having.
    BTW, nice bit of weaving in the header. Yours?

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