Monthly Archives: April 2013

At last…


Against bright
Morning blue sky
Exploding white petals
Lighten like stars.
Amelanchier flowers
Now opening wide
Cheerfully calling
Hello and
Early birds to
Rise and shine.

Spring is here!

In all the years we have lived here, this tree (Amelanchier) has been the first to flower and herald the arrival of spring. Usually this happens sometime in the first two weeks of April. This year we are nearly into May! But today the flowers are open and the sky is blue.


Spring clues


Sunshine opens my ears and eyes –
Songs of invisible skylarks
and a cuckoo call.
At my feet shy violets
peep through grasses.
Along the path
still bare trees raise branches
skywards to the blue.20130423-162907.jpg


A wonderful spring day today, and such a relief to walk around Badbury Rings in sunny warmth, with clear views to the coast and inland hills. Everything very bare, but full of spring noises, with little promises and hints of joys to come.

Treasure in the puddles

It is hard to believe I am writing about the weather AGAIN!
Saturday, temperatures are rising, but clouds descending. We swish along country roads which are rapidly becoming running rivers as heavy rain falls.
We are doing our bit to support local rural communities by visiting events in local villages. A fabric sale to raise money for the local church, open gardens to support a community shop, and a bazaar creating funds for the community library.

So much hard work has gone into preparing for these events, but their success is often determined by the weather. Today was gloomy, lots of puddles and umbrellas, and crowds not in abundance. But there were some special moments and great finds.
We feasted on warming soup, ¬†excellent coffee cake, and a selection of interesting second hand books! And we returned home with some treasures, a “bag of gold” fabric scraps, a pot of cheerful cowslip trumpets and a 1930’s bowl for my kitchen shelf.

Eggs Florentine

A visual feast of baby nettle leaves,
Dotted with sunny buttercups.
A spread of poached eggs and spinach
On crunchy toast of winter twigs.


Story houses

Today we woke to blue sky and sunshine, although the wind was steely cold. We visited two homes, connected with a couple of very different writers.
Greenways is the beautiful home of Agatha Christie, stuffed full of her collections, and memories of her life, family and work. We strolled the gardens enjoying the peach houses, the magnolia trees and glorious views of the river Dart.
Then on to a completely different house, Compton Castle. Nestled in a deep hidden valley, with gardens of ancient apple trees, this was home in the 1500s to the discoverers and founders of Newfoundland, and is still lived in today by modern descendants. Severe, cold and castellated, with remains of portcullis defences, this was the place which inspired the magic of Elizabeth Goudge’s Moonacre Manor, in her children’s book the Little White Horse.


20130402-224356.jpgCompton Castle

Chilly games

Easter Monday, April Fool.
Boisterous weather jokes and teases
With strong gales and high seas
Crashing the sea front and closing the road.
The beach from my childhood,
Today, cold, bleak and deserted.
But wild waves continue to play
Energy unabated.