Waking in a different place

I am waking in a different place this Easter morning. A different room, and different view from the window. Sunshine is at this moment streaming in on to the bed where I am writing this.
An Easter Service is playing on the radio and the Bishop of Liverpool is speaking of the the meaning of Easter. The resonance in his words for me is about waking with a new view, a new perspective, on a new shore where things are changed.

I am just on a short break away for a few days, but a change of scene, and a different “view from the window” can shift my perceptions on many levels. It is reminding me of the first Easter when the followers of Jesus had their perspectives shifted permanently when they met him, alive again, in the garden, on the road and on the beach.

The blessing given on the radio is that we may know the light of resurrection, and that the risen life of Christ may give us peace within. I ask that for myself today, and for who ever else is reading this.

20130331-103335.jpgA new view from the window


4 responses to “Waking in a different place

  1. Easter Blessing to you and yours – hugs – K

  2. Kate Thompson

    And even the view from the same window can be different as the seasons change and we change – if we can pay attention to the familiar it becomes new and fresh.

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