Flowery confidence

Primrose yellow faces,
Reaching upwards
In certain hope.
Milky grey clouds
Remain above
Obscuring the
Sunshine, but
Expectation persists

A clear sky made the birds excited and noisy early this morning, and bathed the garden in sun for a while. Clouds have quickly bubbled up and chilled the air again, but the flowers are maintaining their trusting anticipation.


8 responses to “Flowery confidence

  1. I am amazed that some flowers like these seem happy in my garden in the bitter cold. Perhaps they know something we don’t! Maryanne

  2. Such lovely primroses. They remind me of primrosing with Miss Green and Miss Beeson and Pawson family in the woods when we were little.

  3. very clever, and very beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oh, an Acrostic.Well done!
    I only did my very first one this week, for Napowrimo. I found it very hard to do.

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