Metal thread work

The cold continues….
But our enforced hibernation has given me the opportunity to investigate some different threads from the fabric of my life. My family history on my father’s side is already quite well documented. But some detective work into my maternal grandfather’s family has revealed some interesting new threads. It has taken me back to my great-great-great grandfather Joses Weaver Downing. I have discovered he was a Victorian art metal worker, working in brass and iron. I found a lovely engraved advertisement for his company, and a design for some gates they made for Petworth house.

Coincidently my sewing workshop this week we were using a mixture of gold and gilt metal wires and threads. Frustratingly fiddly work! Perhaps the forge, anvil and hammer would be a fun alternative. But there again perhaps some of those metal designs would make great embroidery….



5 responses to “Metal thread work

  1. How exciting! How amazing that he was called Weaver. Will look forward to hearing more soon. Anna

  2. What a great discovery. His artistic streak must be threaded into you DNA.

    • A totally new discovery, and a lot more research needed. Opening my eyes to the creative inventiveness involved in the industrial revolution, as well as the grime, pollution and smoking chimneys I usually think of.

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