Under the clouds

Dark clouds heavy with rain, soggy patches on the lawn, and trees tossed by strong winds. That’s the view from my window this morning. I know others across Britain are contemplating (or travelling in) flood waters or snow.

I also watch where moss has been dug aggressively by crows searching for insects. Glimpses of pink buds swelling steadily on the tips of branches, and long red stalks shooting on the rose bush just outside my door. I am intrigued by these signs of energy, pushing towards spring regardless of the gloom and cold.

What do the trees know that I don’t? What gives the crows and the rose bushes the strength and vigour to keep going? What gives them the courage and the hope which I lack today? The crows, the trees, the rose bushes and me. We are all together, here, under the clouds. But they seem to know something I have forgotten.



8 responses to “Under the clouds

  1. The strength of nature is amazing!

  2. here ,we are ablaze with spring. the garden a riot of fresias from white to dark magenta, red and purple. Buds on the roses, and deep moroccan blue irises peeping through. It’s raining again.. hope it is soaking in the manure and the compost and my onions, 2 varieties of red chicory, green chicory, rocket and basil. The summer will bring aridity, less colour, a harsh hue. Marilyn

  3. Hold tight – don’t lose hope – spring sun will come and the warmth of the season will cause your spirits to bloom along with the roses! K

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