White Monday

The view from my window as I drew back the curtains this morning suggests that my summerhouse will not be a sun sanctuary today.
Sea gulls circling over the last few days have hinted that wind and storms were coming this way from the English Channel. I think they have now arrived carrying snow with them.
The white is pretty, and the shapes of the paving and acer tree branches have a beauty I don’t see when all is green. But it is sad to see bravely trumpeting daffodils now with heads bowed, and stalks bent.
So I keep the heating on, and don my long boots and thick leggings for a little while longer. And I am thankful for such sources of warmth, while the sun is still hidden from my perception.



4 responses to “White Monday

  1. I’m glad you found some beauty in it. Afraid I just thought ‘oh no,not again!’ as the weather once again scuppered my plans for the day. Still it does mean I’m getting some work done…..

    • I thought all the “oh no not again” thoughts too! And the temperature out there confirmed all those thoughts even more! Only consolation was enjoying the warmth when I came back inside.

  2. I just love the notion of the birds arriving ‘bringing snow on their breath.’ though I’m not keen on seagulls because we live on the sea front and they harass the little birds on my bird table. Perhaps you could write a poem about a snow goose or something incorporating this lovely phrase.
    It is cold today but the sky is blue so I feel a camera moment coming on.

    • I think you must be referring to a line I edited out after posting, because I felt it didn’t make sense! I had meant to say the storms brought snow on their breath. Perhaps there might be a poem in that somewhere.
      Enjoy your blue sky….

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