Grey and white

No sun today, and as I’m still not feeling fully back to health, I have felt a bit grey again. But it was relatively mild, so we made a quick trip to the allotment (no more pink rhubarb yet). Afterwards we took a gentle stroll along the river Stour. The river is still running high, and the banks look stripped after Β the high water levels and flooding over the last months. Thankfully the footpaths are drying out, and there are hints of the trees beginning to bud. A little egret was flying up and down, and we spent pleasant moments watching it clean its white feathers on the bank close to us.
There is gentle beauty in the shades and tones of grey and white, and spring is stirring even if it’s still hidden under cloudy skies.



Not my picture of the egret, click on the photo for the link, and more info.


8 responses to “Grey and white

  1. You are right about the gentle beauty in the shades of grey (not the dirty book though!!) but it can be hard to feel joy after many days of it. At least we had some sun on Tuesday. Fingers crossed for some more! πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry you are feeling grey. The sunny days and the buds of hope can be a real boost. It’s been warm here too, the snow is almost melted. Keep writing.

  3. Spring will come one day soon!

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