Best medicine

I have been “under the weather” the last few days, suffering a virus of some sort, dosing myself with paracetamol to keep the aches and pains at bay.
But today my medicine has been from the weather itself. I sat in the summer house this morning and lapped up a dosage of warmth and the light. Today we have had the most sun here for the last five months, and I do feel better for it.
At the moment it seems to be easier to buy a packet of painkillers than to get a regular dose of sunshine! And according to the weather forecast it looks like the sun will be in short supply again for the rest of the week. But I am very grateful for the medication today.



6 responses to “Best medicine

  1. What a charming little summer house – and such a cozy place to spend a few sunny hours! Hope you are feeling better soon and have many more sunshiny days ahead -K

  2. Yes, the last couple of days have really been good for the spirits. It has really cheered my mum up after her recent bad time. Hope you continue to feel better. Maryanne

  3. Only just found this lovely picture of your little sun sanctuary. Hopefully you’ll be out in it more and more.

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