Brightening up the day

Another grey dull day! And it’s not just my imagination – we have made 25 fewer solar hours from our solar panels in 2013, compared with this time last year.
But there are some bright moments. Today I bought a wonderful turquoise silk dupion to back a stained glass effect piece I made in a work shop this week. We layered coloured chiffon, free machine stitched them together, then snipped back some shapes to reveal colours, finally cutting out areas with a soldering iron.
Fun to make, but the idea was to turn it into a sun catcher, which is a bit of an irony! So I decided instead to appliqué it on to a clear blue background fabric, in the hope that we might see a sky this colour soon.



6 responses to “Brightening up the day

  1. so beautiful! spring is coming soon – K

  2. Turquoise is one of my favorite colours it reminds me of the sea on those rare days when iir definitely looks turquoise not sea blue. You do such beautiful work,thank you for sharing t.

  3. It s beautiful. You are so clever.! Just don’t know how you are so neat.

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