I often find myself doodling patterns when I have a pen in my hand, usually when I am listening to something at the same time.
Recently I have been experimenting with a similar idea, but instead with a needle and thread in my hand. This is a stitch doodle created over the last couple of weeks while watching TV. I’m just not sure what to do with it! Any ideas?



10 responses to “Doodle

  1. Its awesome. i would make it into a round cushion. x

  2. This is so cool – you have to do something with it. A small purse, the end of a scarf, a journal cover, frame in a small round frame – let us know what you decide! K

  3. Definitely wrap a small note book. To be wrapped in your handiwork would surely create a nest from which wondrous words,phrases and assurance would grow. Then give it to someone who needs it.

  4. It’s lovely. Put it on your phone as a background. Make a notebook from it. Frame it. Have it made up into fabric like kaffe fasset would do. Make some more. X


    And a very nice one too!

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