Milky carpet

Starved of warmth, light and vitamins
Strolling on this sunny Sunday morning
Through white carpets of shy milk flowers.
Nourishing nodding snowdrops lift our spirits,
Gentle sun caresses our faces
Feeding our famine, body and soul.

It was such a relief to see and feel the sunshine this weekend. We enjoyed the snowdrops at Kingston Lacey, along with many other “hungry” visitors ….


9 responses to “Milky carpet

  1. Definitely a signt for sore eyes. It seems to have been a long time coming this year. A uniquely British sight, I think.
    Today we had lunch out on the terrace! Here is quite some excitement here though as the grue – cranes – are returning northwards in their thousands. I haven’t seen any yet though, although I heard some the other day.

  2. Youv’e captured the bliss of these first few days of warmth and sunshine just perfectly – and those drifts of snowdrops are indeed a miraculous sight, even though they return year after year. What an uplifting poem – thank you!

  3. Somber as i walk around the Grave yard on the anniversary of my Niece’s death,I came upon a stuning sight of Pearly white Snowdrops, How Magnificent to lift my Spirts

  4. It’s lovely. Picture and poem. Where is it taken.? Are they snow drops.?

  5. Ah. I’ve just found your bit about snow drops at Kingston lacy. Need to look at something beautiful myself. Feel starved of sun and warmth. Seems to have been one of the longest winters ever.

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