Flowers of winter

Valentines day for me and my husband after 36 years of marriage. Yes we still celebrate, even if this time we both mislaid the cards we had bought for each other, and then had a laugh about it! (And yes we did find them!)
This year we went together and enjoyed buying flowers for each other. A lovely subtly coloured hellebore, Cinnamon Snow ( after all cinnamon is supposed to help prevent memory loss!) and a wonderfully scented daphne, Odora .
Can’t capture the scent on line, but here are some pictures.
And wishing you some sweet smelling moments where ever you are.




3 responses to “Flowers of winter

  1. Lovely. We’ve only got snowdrops so far, but it is going to be a year of discovery, I hope. And enlarging of the vegetable patch. And what was that about Valentine’s cards? I did drop hints but hey ho, nothing changes.

  2. It will be fun for you to discover what’s hidden in your garden. Hope you get the thrill of Spring springing soon.

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