Tree felling

I am writing this as three men outside my window cut down one of our pine trees. Although it has been leaning for a while, we had to get permission to fell it because it had a tree preservation order. Even with a careful pulley system, a team of men, and the best laid plans one of the branches crashed to the ground awkwardly and heavily, breaking a rope as it fell. No damage caused but noisier and messier than expected.
Already where I am sitting it is lighter, a huge amount of branches and needles now being chopped for bark mulch, and logs being stacked for us to chop and burn.(eventually!) All will be recycled and reused.
Nothing wasted – but it had to be removed. It was unsafe, no longer firmly rooted, and leaning dangerously. Its departure now exposes the stand of the other trees, their shape, form and strongly rooted beauty, previously hidden.20130212-101035.jpg

It seems that this has been a winter in our garden of dead and broken branches needing to be removed, and now a leaning tree being felled. What are the lessons for me here I wonder? I know there could be parallels in my life as a whole …
Perhaps a lifting of some long protected shaded areas, and an exposure of previously hidden beauty! I hope so….  But today has reminded me that the felling process can be messier than expected. I am grateful for the skill and courage of the team at work.


7 responses to “Tree felling

  1. I’m all for felling trees to let in light and air. They’re great in the right place but can be oppressive too near our houses. Sorry I didn’t catch you after Aqua. Maryanne

  2. When the lime tree outside our house was felled I was watching from the bedroom window. One of the huge branches fell at an unexpected angle and landed on the lamp post outside our house. The whole lamp post crashed to the ground. The tree men looked up at me watching and were obviously shocked at what they’d done. The lamp post was a lovely ornate old fashioned one with curves and embellishment. The replacement that followed

  3. Continued the new lamp post was very ugly and functional. I still miss both tree and lamp post.

  4. We will all be felled like trees one day, so perhaps we should strive to embrace the present, and enjoy the rain, the sun, the frost, the snow, the wind, the life, we have now.

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