A date at home

A grey January, combined with feeling unwell, and alterations in some longstanding medication I have to take, has left me feeling lethargic and low.

So when an online group I am part of suggested an “artist’s date” at home, I was not inspired. My home right now is messy – un-dusted, cluttered and dis-organised. (“Artist’s Date” – as in Morning Pages by Julia Cameron)

But then I was challenged to look, not at the overall effect, which undoubtedly needs a spring clean, but closer, at small every day aspects, patterns and shapes. As I looked on my shelves and in my stitch samples book realised just how much my home does inspire me, has done before  and will do again.

Here’s a couple of simple examples.

Chinese bowl and stitch sampleIMG_0188


Honiton pottery and cutaway design


10 responses to “A date at home

  1. Sometimes, I think we get so used to looking at our own home environment that we cease to notice it – but what you have shared here – colours and patterns – have certainly inspired me! I collect Honiton pottery myself and love how you have used it as inspiration for embroidery.
    I’m glad that you ‘took the leap of faith’ and looked around you with new eyes, and I’m pleased that being part of the group, seeing other people’s pictures and hearing their thoughts was rewarding for you. Thank you for being part of us!

  2. A message to remember Cilla. It’s good to try and look at familiar things with fresh eyes. I hope you feel better as Spring draws nearer.

  3. Your stitch craft is absolutely beautiful Cilla. Something to be really proud of. It does us all good to look and something beautiful when we are under the weather, I hope you feel better soon. The nights are getting lighter so hopefully it will give us all an energy boost.

  4. Cilla – Hope your January blues have disappeared and the emerging snowdrops have lifted your spirits. Your creativity inspires me.

  5. Love these pictures and poems. X

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