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Doodle to purse

For those who are interested –
Doodle to purse process completed!



Cold morning – a small stone

Light slow drifting snow flurries,
dusting the icy hard pond.

Urgent bustling pair of wrens,
Searching frozen undergrowth for food.


A moment of mindfulness as I watch through my window. Tuning into, and accepting the present moment, seeing the beauty of an icy cold morning.


I often find myself doodling patterns when I have a pen in my hand, usually when I am listening to something at the same time.
Recently I have been experimenting with a similar idea, but instead with a needle and thread in my hand. This is a stitch doodle created over the last couple of weeks while watching TV. I’m just not sure what to do with it! Any ideas?


Milky carpet

Starved of warmth, light and vitamins
Strolling on this sunny Sunday morning
Through white carpets of shy milk flowers.
Nourishing nodding snowdrops lift our spirits,
Gentle sun caresses our faces
Feeding our famine, body and soul.

It was such a relief to see and feel the sunshine this weekend. We enjoyed the snowdrops at Kingston Lacey, along with many other “hungry” visitors ….

Sun bathers

On a canvas of leaves and moss
Fiery yellow orange spikes
Cradled by violet blue petals,
A carpet of crocuses
Open their shy faces to bathe
In gentle spring sunlight.

Today we have had the most sun hours since mid October last year. It has been lovely to just raise my face to its warmth.

Sunny morning

Sunshine this morning! So I seized the opportunity to walk along the beach at Sandbanks. Five weeks since my last visit, January 11th and such a relief to have the clear blue sky and sea.


An interesting moment saw some very large parachutes dropping from a couple of large military planes, which brought a slightly sinister feel to a benign, balmy and sunny morning.

Some of the time I sat on a bench in warm sunshine. I had some fun in my notebook trying to capture the sounds of some holiday makers with regional accents, an exercise I have been working on for an online writing course I am doing at the moment. OUCE Write Lives

And here are a couple more sights from such a refreshing morning.




Flowers of winter

Valentines day for me and my husband after 36 years of marriage. Yes we still celebrate, even if this time we both mislaid the cards we had bought for each other, and then had a laugh about it! (And yes we did find them!)
This year we went together and enjoyed buying flowers for each other. A lovely subtly coloured hellebore, Cinnamon Snow ( after all cinnamon is supposed to help prevent memory loss!) and a wonderfully scented daphne, Odora .
Can’t capture the scent on line, but here are some pictures.
And wishing you some sweet smelling moments where ever you are.