Noticing without judging – small stone 30

I did not write a small stone yesterday. I didn’t do the routine; the discipline, the practice, the moment of paying attention and suspending judgement.

For me this January has been hard going, I have felt quite low physically and emotionally. The small stone habit has been a great way of keeping me in that discipline of acceptance. Noticing things as they are, not how I would like them to be, or how I think they ought to be! But yesterday I didn’t do it.

Today I did. I went outside, and looked, tried to focus my attention on what was there even if it was not how I would have liked it. And then I saw this flower, delicate patterns and multiple stamens, damp and with a hole, and thin stems. But with a beauty even in its imperfection, fragility and unobtrusiveness.

It is much harder to apply the same acceptance and noticing to myself! I just need to keep practising…!



5 responses to “Noticing without judging – small stone 30

  1. January is always a hard month. We feel very lucky to have escaped most of it. The good thing is it’s nearly over and soon there will be lots more flowers to lift the spirits.

  2. Perhaps noticing that yioyou tires, in need of rest is mindful enough. So often we push ourselves with should and must but sometimes we just need to pause. If you are counting blessings, and I know that you do,, I’d say the beautiful flower is one of them

  3. Sorry about the awful typo’s. My screen is cracked from side to side and I’m peering at the words through a purple haze, but my lovely husband who totally supports my writing, has ordered me a super duper new one.

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