Which specs? – small stone 19

Cheap supermarket, thick framed reading glasses;
A bit smeared, wobbly side arms,
Offering me clear print, enlarging the task in hand,
But beyond, everything is blurred.

Expensive optician prescribed, designed and fitted,
Vari-focals with clever lenses and strong sides,
Enable me to multitask and see the wider view,
Focus here and there, and further on.

But I am tired of complex layers
Looking close, seeing ahead and all in-betweens.
Perhaps today I’ll go with simple lenses,
One thing at a time, and let the rest blur.



4 responses to “Which specs? – small stone 19

  1. Wonderful – your final stanza is a wonderful reminder to me today – just one thing a at a time and just what is in front of me now! Thanks for this great poem! K

  2. Keep it simple applies to so much in life. Love it!

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