Small stone writing for me!

Today I posted a reply on Writing our Way Home’s Blog. Satya asked to say how we were finding the process of small stone writing.
This is what I wrote.
“This is the third year I have written small stones in January! I am so grateful for the inspiration and support from Writing our Way Home in getting me started with this practice. It has got me through some difficult days, and kept me grounded and aware of the present moment, when fears or worries threatened to sweep me away.
This year, like last year, I am publishing them on my blog
And I’m glad to say that the habit/practice is easier to maintain throughout the year after a January kick start! And I now have quite a collection to review and appreciate all over again when I want to!
Thank you so much!”

Why not visit their site and see how others are getting on.


One response to “Small stone writing for me!

  1. I am re-reading this post of mine two years later! Today is January 11th 2015 and my comments above about the practice of writing small stones are still hiding true…

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