Office orchid – small stone 5

Distracted by agitated thoughts
My eyes are captured
Resting on your serene beauty.
The symmetry and balance of your petals
Delicately touched,
warmly flushed and sprinkled with sympathy.
You wait, still and silent,
Poised, cupped to receive.
I slow and breathe.


Escaping into my office from a panic and an angry exchange, my eye fell on the orchid on my table. A few moments of “paying attention” proved to be a really helpful calmer, and my “small stone” for today!


6 responses to “Office orchid – small stone 5

  1. What a wonderful way to calm down and take a breather.
    Beautiful small stone Cilla.

  2. Beautiful photo and poem. It’s amazing isn’t it when we put our thoughts, and attention into nature, how our whole mood is transformed… Thank you for sharing.

  3. Perfect way to still that horrible feeling of panic – wonderful! K

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