Monthly Archives: January 2013

Here for a moment – small stone 31

A brief moment-
On the window sill in front of me
A great tit in black, greys, yellow,
Plump, feathered
And alive.
Our eyes meet
He cocks his head
And is gone.

No time for a photo in this brief moment of connection. This is a mixed media paper and stitch picture I made some months ago after another such encounter.


Noticing without judging – small stone 30

I did not write a small stone yesterday. I didn’t do the routine; the discipline, the practice, the moment of paying attention and suspending judgement.

For me this January has been hard going, I have felt quite low physically and emotionally. The small stone habit has been a great way of keeping me in that discipline of acceptance. Noticing things as they are, not how I would like them to be, or how I think they ought to be! But yesterday I didn’t do it.

Today I did. I went outside, and looked, tried to focus my attention on what was there even if it was not how I would have liked it. And then I saw this flower, delicate patterns and multiple stamens, damp and with a hole, and thin stems. But with a beauty even in its imperfection, fragility and unobtrusiveness.

It is much harder to apply the same acceptance and noticing to myself! I just need to keep practising…!


Stitch therapy – small stone 28

A gentle sewing day with friends;
A box of coloured threads
And soft wool tops,
Needles, stitches,
Felting the curve of a tree
And bright woodland floor.


Sunday morning game -small stone 27

Blue sky with
Soft white clouds.
Refreshingly heart lifting
Head clearing

Blue screen with
Small white ball.
Agonisingly teeth clenching
Toe blistering


The things we do for pleasure…?

Sun on trees – small stone 26

The beauty of this morning
Is the sunshine
Casting light
Creating shadows
On textured tree trunks.

The loveliness of today’s sunshine reminds me of the importance of light and dark, brightness and shadow. Without the contrast there would be no textural beauty to enjoy.

Uncovered – small stone 25?

Retreating snow
Underlying soggy grass
And crazy,
Bitty, messy paving.
Reality returns.


It seems quite strange to see the colours and textures of the ground after the white covering of so many days. Makes me think that the effect of the white blanket of the snow has had a distinct element of delusion. Definitely beautiful at times, but creating its own difficulties, and certainly not telling the whole story.

And I missed writing a small stone yesterday. At first I was cross with myself! But then I realised that, although perhaps I might sometimes appear to be someone who has it all sorted, here is clear evidence of the bitty, messy person I really am. Normal!

Tea cake – small stone 23

Toasty bread smells mix
With warm cinnamon,
And spicy raisins.
Golden yellow butter
Into melting pools.