Sprouts – and hints…

This is a strange time of the year. Christmas over, family gone, New Year not yet started. Limbo land.
The present moment for me is a mixture of lethargy, bloated over indulgence and restlessness.
Tired after the excitement of visitors, stomach unsettled after eating differently from normal, and now feeling flat and wondering “what now”? Surrounded by leftovers and uncomfortably waiting for…?

Today the rain held off for a while so we ventured to the allotment for the first time for a while where we were greeted by a mess of wind blown plastic weedblock and muddy puddles. But also in the mud were tall green white leeks and hidden swelling sprouts waiting to be picked, and small pink rhubarb shoots hinting of sweetness to come. And as we trudged in wellies along the squelchy track with our winter harvest the sun appeared from behind the clouds. Little reminders of life and light inspite of dull December’s end.



4 responses to “Sprouts – and hints…

  1. For me there is always something wonderful about digging about in a vegetable patch. No matter what the season!
    I’m impressed with your lovely leeks 🙂

  2. Yummy yummy cruciferous vegies. SO good for you!!

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