Icy moments

20121215-112358.jpgSome wonderful moments of music and visuals this week to celebrate the season of cold and ice. A visit to the live streaming of the Royal Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker was a feast of professional music making, theatrical artistry, costumes, sets as well as amazing technique and physical prowess. Magical and entrancing, and I loved it!  Also this week the (more amateur!) singing group my husband belongs to did a moving and beautiful concert with professional soloists. They performed The White Book Of Winter, lyrics by Gillian Anderson, music by Helen Porter.  More about this in a moment.

But in other ways this week has been grim. Not just the frost, ice and/or damp affecting homes and bodies and souls. But also the horrific sadness of the chilling murders of children and teachers in an American school. Breathtakingly shocking and numbing in its trauma and tragedy.

This week it is in the art, the music, poetry and dance that I have found hope that speaks into the withering cold sadness of some of our world. Just like the Fairy Tales traditional at this time of year, hope can often be expressed better in stories and imagination. Whether it is the evil spell of the Mouse King over the Nutcracker, or the freezing chill of fear and hatred in the human soul, the only hope of warmth and the thaw of a new beginning is the sacrificial work and creativity of Love.
So I am posting the words of this song to help us consider what words of love we can each write on frozen pages of the winter of fear we may see around us.

The White Book of Winter

Pages of white
Cover the land
And secrets unspoken
Hushed by the season’s cold hand
A down deep song muted
By the wither of wind
The White Book of Winter has come.white winter

The birds have departed
The earth is in-curled
In a scroll of forgetting
Drawn in ice-lettered whorls
Burrowed in silence
Borne on a dream
The White Book of Winter has come.

Love’s lane untrodden
It’s margin of flowers
A memory painted
In a monk’s Book of Hours
Lies pristine, unwritten,
Words lost in a veil
The White Book of Winter has come.

The blank sheets lie empty
Field upon field
But his pale cheek, breath’s rhythms
Wait on the yield
The young scribe is sleeping
’til the love letter Spring
The White Book of Winter has come.

by Gillian Anderson


4 responses to “Icy moments

  1. Beautiful lyrics. I liked this pensive post and hope you are well. I have been enjoying your posts and hope to make you smile – I have nominated you for the Reality Blog Award. It stands for Real, Energizing, Amazing, Lovely, Inspiring, Touching,Yippee! I hope you will accept it. Here is the link: http://lucybythesea.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/thank-you/
    Lucy 🙂

  2. You have helped lift a heavy heart – that I found Gillians lyrics used in such an appropriate way – and it has allowed me to show my grief for the loss of my singing weaving wordful mindful friend.

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