Challenge to change

mindful writing challengeIt may seem a bit premature to be thinking ahead to the new year but I am looking forward to a new challenge in January 2013

For the last two years I have taken part in Writing Our Way Home‘s mindful writing challenge called a “River of Small Stones”. I know from my own experience, and from my work with people battling with depression and anxiety, just how helpful a meditational practice it is to slow and stop, notice and observe one thing in the course of a day. Capturing that moment in a few words is like picking up an interesting pebble on a walk along the beach, and can help us come into the “now”, stepping out of a raging stream of anxious and negative thoughts.

Last year for the first time I shared those “small stones” moments here on my blog. And I will endeavour to do the same again this year!

Why not give it a go yourself!? Find out more by visiting the Mindful Writing Challenge page. You can also download a book here about writing “small stones” and beginning to change your way of seeing life.


One response to “Challenge to change

  1. What a wonderful challenge for the new year! Looking forward to it šŸ™‚

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