Advent service

We walk the drizzled flagstoned path,
Bells pealing out in complicated changes.
Step down through heavy doorway, into a past
Where for a thousand seasons, the earth’s turn
Has deeply shadowed cold stone pillars
Branching high towards a roof of stars.

A poetry of darkness and distant chants
Glimpses of candlelight flickering on walls
The robed procession step slow, and swing;
Their faces glowing as they move and sing.

Then flaming candles are brought to us
Proffered to our own unlit wicks –
A moment’s pause, and then, a flare…
And now, I too have light to share
Along the row. We stand, we sit,
Old words, new sense. We listen, speak and sing.

We hold the flickering burning flames,
And watch as wax melts, drips away
Through time. We leave, hearts re-ignited, and
Dark enlightened by unbroken covenant of Love.



2 responses to “Advent service

  1. I adore your line ‘Old words, new sense.’ What a truth.

    By the way, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. You can see your link here: 🙂

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