Sea grass
box and basket

knitted texture

personal folders

And a growing
peace lily.


A mindful noticing of everyday objects in my room got me thinking about containers in my life. What do I use to “hold” important information, to carry or contain precious objects, or growing changing living things like plants, or even my clients!?

For me I particularly like woven containers, baskets, textiles of all sorts. Perhaps because they have an organic quality, and a flexibility, not too rigid, but still strong. Many trains of thought led on from here including the way we can form and structure poems with rhythms and line breaks…! (but not too strictly 🙂 )

And I certainly find it hard to resist the opportunity to buy another basket! Any one else out there feel the same way?


2 responses to “Containers

  1. I have collected wooden boxes for about forty years now – I am particularly attracted to the sensuous nature of wood. You have got me thinking now, and what a great prompt for a workshop, Cilla. Thank you!

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