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Free gift book

Follow the link or click on the picture to pick up your free kindle copy of “A Blackbird Sings”


As well as a lovely selection of “small stones” this anthology has an introduction about writing small stones, and an appendix with a programme to get you started.
A great gift for Mindful Writing Day tomorrow!
Don’t forget you can download kindle software free for your PC, laptop or phone!


Autumn awakening

I peer sleepily through the fog
of October morning greyness
to a fiery orange bonfire.
Acer leaves blazing audaciously,
their flaming colour startles my sight
and stirs me into action.



Playing around with needle felting multi coloured scraps of fabric this week, and then experimenting with sounds and making up words. In case that sounds a bit too much like fun, the nonsense words came from an exercise in John Fox’s book, “Finding what you didn’t lose” (great book!) So I made up some words and then composed a complete nonsense poem. I did enjoy reading it out loud to no-one!

When I took a break in the garden the plants are doing the same – showing off and fooling around with richly patterned, coloured leaves, and some exotic berries. A dull drab shrub is suddenly showing new techni-colour flower/berries! Does anyone out there know what it is? We don’t!

Whether its playing with nonsense words, or coloured scraps of fabric the joy is in the letting go…. have fun! So here goes with following my own advice and making a complete fool of my self….

Oh opaloid bonbastic bloomery
your ringletty purporange tinklets
flamboozle the leaflike emblendishments.
While the moozy merkoot smidgeons
fill starlicky fractile stasherys
with frondily flicky pinklacery
and limery blockish chillongers.

Looking back at the view…

My blog writing has become sporadic.
Sometimes there comes a time to stop, pause, take a break. And look back over the way we’ve come. That’s the beauty of journalling – capturing the moments en route, and then standing back and seeing the journey travelled spread out like a carpet.

I am excited that one of my captured moments, a small stone collected last January, has been chosen for an anthology called A Blackbird Sings. To be published next month, find out more here and pre order your copy today!


Mosaic of small moments
Picked from paths of ordinary lives
Transformed into songs
To carry us home.