Reconnecting with my body

I haven’t posted for a while but things have been growing and changing, not least the weather!

I have been seeing things in a new light through an on online course with the Therapeutic Writing Institute. “Writing from the body” with Debbie McCullis is providing a rich source of insights and ideas, and a lovely affirming online community to share with.

Themes of remembering our childhood bodies, using our senses and our bodies in nature have been highlighted for me. Yesterday I spent a glorious sunny hour at a local nature reserve – an Iron Age hill fort called Badbury Rings.

This ” poem” emerged as I experienced the sensuous connection between my own body and the natural world I was experiencing.


Child with Mother

A gentle hand of cool breezes
wipes my sweating face,
lifting and stroking my hair
as a mother soothes her feverish child.
I calm, and settle to the rhythmic beat
my feet tread a path of crushed velvet,
bare legs caressed by a fringe of swaying grasses,
tickled by playful curling brambles.

I am enchanted by a mobile of dancing butterflies
and tuneful crickets serenade a lullaby
accompanied by humming red winged bugs
hovering on bouquets of yellow orange stars
and constellations of daisies.
Shaded by parasols of cow parsley
I lie on a deep honey scented blanket
of purple clover and soft blue harebells

Wrapped in lacy shawl of white chalky paths,
spilling down steep banks and hills,
in spreading quilt of greens, textured and pieced,
edged by distant coast of sea and cliffs.
I am bathed in warm golden liquid,
sprinkled with tingling powder of sun rays,
I am embraced in the arms of clear blue sky
held by the watching eye of the silver moon.



10 responses to “Reconnecting with my body

  1. Cilla – loved reading this poem, and particularly loved sensing how ‘in touch’ you were with the natural world around through your senses…’embraced’ ‘bathed’ ‘sprinkled’ – aha! yes – I notice they are all experiences of being touched in some way. Very lovely.
    The course sounds very worthwhile…I must do something like this myself – i have not been ‘walking the walk’ recently – too much facilitating, not enough experiencing. Thank you for reminding me of this!

    • So easy to get caught up with helping others, oh yes I know the feeling. I find it always helps to have a course, group, even a book to give a focus to my self care. Otherwise it tends to get neglected…
      And yes, touch is such an important sense, and I am reminded that the skin is the largest organ of our body… Thanks for commenting, Roz

  2. justafewlittlewords

    Beatiful, tactile, a rich tapestry like the ones you have made. Could you make one to carry on this theme? I am doing more arty things lately as I think that they integrate very well with words. Thanks you for sharing this.

  3. Ahhhh, time out to reconnect. It’s just so important but alwys seems to come last on the list. Your poem is great, dreamy, delightful. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and reconnect. 🙂

  4. Yes, it’s hard to remember to slow down, pay attention, notice, observe and come to our senses! Thank you for your comment, Louise, and thank you too for your blog- posts, reblogs and photos which regularly encourage me to be “mindful” and in the moment.

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