Monthly Archives: June 2012

Enjoy the moment!

Smooth green stripe lawns
Soft tap and thwack
Of ball and racquet,
Gasps, groans, ripples of applause,
Royal visitors and rain breaks,
Cream teas and strawberries.
I love Wimbledon!



Sunny intervals

In the gloom of June
Threatening clouds pour down rain
Then part and cease
Revealing bright moments –

“Morning Jewel” rose, in neon pink
Glowing red strawberries hide under leaves
Dazzling waves on clear morning beach
And Roman military at local supermarket!?

Folk Festival

Fast food smells waft on the air
Music drifts from every door
People, pushchairs and balloons,
Line narrow streets, jump at musket fire,
And dance to brass band beating drums.
Clogs, bells, sticks clash and clamour,
Tunes of fiddle, pipe and concertina,
Painted faces scare and smile
Reviving ancient festive fun.


Dorset Art Weeks

Red and yellow banners point down shaded green lanes
To sunny studios in vibrant cottage gardens,
Into cool musty village halls with stunning exhibitions and delectable cakes,
Up old rusty steps to lofty galleries, smelling of oils and turpentine.
We drive clutching map, brochure and sat nav
Discovering hidden corners of enchantment in residential roads
Where ordinary people make their own unique and marvellous marks
Pouring paint, stitching textiles, moulding clay, printing, cutting
On the panoramic canvas of Dorset coast, town and country


Find out more about this wonderful biennial event by clicking here