Monthly Archives: May 2012

Daisy chains

Bright white constellations
Strung across the green lawn,
Your blush tipped petals with golden hearts
Created short lived flowery jewellery
In distant summers of childhood.



Greyscale to colour palette

Grey washed sky, shifting, moving,
Revealing changing openings of light.
Black silhouettes of swooping rooks
Circling dark grey scots pines.

Blue washed sky with highlights
Of lacy white clouds.
Shimmering yellow green leaves
Contrast with the evergreens
And rhododendrons flushed with creamy pink.


The merry month of May?

Lime green beech leaves
Courageously unfurling,
Opening up
To the grey gloom
Of moisture laden clouds

Bright yellow sunbursts of
Azalea flowers, lifting
Delicate stamens to seek pollinators,
And releasing sweet scents
Into cold dank air.