Advice from a tree

At last, a project I have been working on for many weeks is completed.
It is based on the poem Advice from a Tree by Ilan Shamir ,  and the lessons I have learned from the trees in my own garden.

It started from a doodle I made of a tree, taking my pen for a journey without lifting it off the page, and finding a tree  had grown…

And so with the making of this tree, it has grown and evolved along the way, there were mistakes, unpickings, adaptings, cover ups, cut aways, and embellishments. I look at it and see how it might have been different if…. but I am content to let it hang as it is.


11 responses to “Advice from a tree

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Machine embrodered? I love the lettering – how did you do that? Something to be very proud of…

    • Thanks Roz! Yes, machine embroidery, my hand stitching is not good. Lettering was totally experimental! Traced from computer generated text onto water soluble paper and layers of sheers, and then stitched over.

  2. I can only echo the comments above – beautiful

  3. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. such a beautiful tree, and I love the tree-related messages too!

  5. Thanks for your comment Kate. I am enjoying your new blog too.

  6. Very nice! As a fellow quilter- I appreciate the work. Would love to see a close-up picture with more details.

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