Layered view

Through the window of my sunlit summerhouse,
I view a garden of clear colours
Yellow, purple , pink and red
Bright spring pansies and pieris

And then I notice
How the  window of my sunlit summerhouse
Glazed with a winter of green grime,
A pattern of snail trails and cobweb festoons,
Adds a layer to  my view!
 As I became aware of the dirty windows obscuring the colours of the garden my thought was to clean them, or at least try and get rid of the foreground interference! And yes, I will get the bucket and squeegee…
But in the meantime it reminds me how we all view our circumstances and surroundings through layers of accumulated life experiences and judgements. I found myself reflecting on the importance  of noticing and acknowledging my accumulated “patterns” and “cobwebs”  which tend to colour my view of the rest of the world out there. And even that there may be times when looking at the foreground layer is equally as important as further horizons.
PS With my levels of photgraphic skills it was impossible to take a photo focused on the grimy glass!  But the view is definitely through the window.

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