By the fence

Crumbly old bricks, empty flowerpots,
Tilted hosepipe, untidily coiled,
Leaning stepladder, stained with paint
Redundant fence post with rusty nails
Dead leaf litter and straggling plants
Quietly continuing, just being,
Surrounded by birdsong
In the space by the fence.

As I wrote this small stone I was attempting to simply observe what I could see from my window. As I read it back I realised how many of the words I had used implied some kind of negative judgement – untidily, stained, crumbly, redundant etc. Using words to describe things simply as they are without judgement is difficult.

But then could I perhaps also begin to read words like crumbly, rusty, redundant or dead even,  without the negative slant?


2 responses to “By the fence

  1. Yep – I didn’t read any of those words as negative…isn’t it interesting how different words mean different things to different people – even when we think we mean exactly the same thing, there may be a connotation for one that is just not there for another. Love your picture by the way – a *real * garden space, a working area and the sort of place we all have in our garden – yes, usually hidden behind a fence :-)). But they are there…if they are not, it is not a *real* garden in my book!
    And the birdsong makes it all beautiful…

    • Thanks for your comment Roz – I am beginning to realise that a “real” garden, (like an authentic life perhaps?), has crumbly, stained edges, and redundant, messy areas – and they are as essential as the compost heap! 🙂

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