Rhubarb alchemy

Exposing your long pink leggy stalks20120324-205035.jpg
And lime green frilly leaves
I carry you in my arms
To sugar and stir
Heat till you bubble
And now you stand
Bottled, blushing pink
In plastic bonnets.



6 responses to “Rhubarb alchemy

  1. Oh, beautiful pots of pink springtime – I can almost taste them from here! You have a good year on me – my plants are not even in the ground yet. But – tomorrow!!…
    Happy gardening, Cilla!

  2. Great poem. Oh it looks sooo good. I was made in Yorkshire so rhubarb is definitely something that should be in my blood. It looks soooo good and I really, really WANT to like it. But I just don’t !! LOL. Enjoy it for me. I do keep trying. 🙂

    • In fact I used to really hate rhubarb! Too many childhood Sunday lunches of stringy stewed brown stuff, which I hated. It’s only now that I grow my own and pick it young and pink, that I have grown to love it. Sweetened with honey and orange, or turned into runny jam – mmmmm…..

  3. Oh to be in England…those pink stalks of my childhood. My grandmother gave me a raw, young stalk of sugar to dip in an eggcup of sugar. I wonder if it would grow at 7500 feet?

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