Old teapot

This week on my writing and spiritual practice course we have been encouraged to look, and look again, – to hear, taste, feel and smell. To pay attention even to the things we gloss over, or avoid, or look away from. Mundane things, or things we would rather not acknowledge.

It reminded me of an object I use everyday, and never really notice. When I did look  at it I felt embarrassed by its grubby shabbiness. But careful attention helped me accept it as it is.   I see it differently now and had fun celebrating it in a stitch.

Humble “stainless” steel,
Tea stained,  scratched, loose lid.
I see a dull reflection of myself,
And notice the pleasing  shape of  your handle.




7 responses to “Old teapot

  1. justafewlittlewords

    warm hearted
    centre of family life
    handles tea and sympathy
    dispensed with care

    Cilla, Here is my response to your poem. When I read your words ‘reflection of myself’ I thought about you and all the mums, the nanas and other persons at the centre of family life that make a house a home.

    Karen x

  2. The extraordinary in the ordinary! Lovely – thanks for sharing this with us, Kathleen

    • Thanks Kathleen! Just been catching up with your blog, and seeing how the seasons are looking for you. I have to say your ordinary is extraodinary if the view from your window is anything to go by!

  3. what a wonderful site Cilla and weavers! – I would love to be on this but must do the inevitable first – enter – describe my name, wallace and I’m a girl! And neither do I have a website – clearly much to be done isn’t there.

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