Playing around

An early  memory of mine as a small child is  of going to friends’ houses  “to play”.  What we “played”  was various – making dens, building lego models,  board games and jigsaws, skipping games, swinging and bicycling. Those timeless days of childhood had a special freedom.

I was reminded of such times when a friend came to my house “to play” one morning this week.  Arranged on the spur of the moment we played with velvet fabric,  spray inks,  gold foil and glitter. We experimented with different effects – some we liked,  some we didn’t. The fun was in just playing around…

It was tempting to evaluate my creations in terms of success or failure, their usefulness or purpose. But judging and measuring achievements  is what dominates  my “grown up” life. It was a nice change to just play and see what appeared, and remember that it was once acceptable to “learn through play”!




4 responses to “Playing around

  1. Isn’t it interesting that children never wait for ‘permission’ to play – they just go ahead and do it, iot is their natural state. When do wee lose it? How hard it is for us to give ourselves that permission, without carrying a concommitant feeling of guilt – I bet I would respond by maybe allowing myself to play, but accompanying that session with comments on how I OUGHT to be doing something else.
    I do remember a lovely session I had with a frriend, though – similar to the one you have described above – we both have dollshouses, and had a wonderful afternoon a few yeras ago, making ‘food’ out of Fimo for our houses. You have inspired me to suggest doing it again – thank you!

  2. What a great creative space – being free to play and not judge. Very inspiring! Hope you get the chance to do it again 🙂

  3. So do I! Perhaps the challenge is to create the chance…

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