Leaping forward

This day is rare, crops up once in four years.
Last time, 2008,
My old diary tells me things were planned.
Kitchen renovations, then ready to begin,  now  in daily use.
Places, then unvisited, now familiar,
People, then unknown to me,  now family!
Activities, ideas, creations, pleasures,
Then undreamt of, now daily reality.
I feel blessed.

Of course I am also aware of things gone, (not just the old kitchen!)
Sad losses of dear friends no longer here are especially poignant, and I am aware that  some areas of work  once important to me,  are now not part of my life. But my first reaction as I look back is of added
riches and of growth and development along the way. Mindfulness practice (which I first began in 2008) took me into writing for self development, and opened up the world of  textile art to me.  And little did I know that a holiday in Sweden with school friends, would be followed by a family wedding there!.  It is good to pause today and reflect, and give thanks  for the journey of the last four years.


2 responses to “Leaping forward

  1. I love your use of today’s date/occurrence as a writing prompt. I echo your comment that ‘some areas of work once important to me are now not part of my life’. Likewise.
    Your Swedish holiday and what ensued from that are also pointers to grabbing life and seeing what comes of the adventures!
    I’m pruning and tying back the roses this morning… I love my garden, but today, *I* could do with an adventure, too!!

    • I think that sometimes the adventures aren’t obvious until we look back and see where we’ve been! I’m know I”m not always aware of the significance at the time!
      Perhaps the “pruning” and “tying back” we (you and me!) experience in the gardens of our lives will lead to new growth in unexpected directions…!

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