Let’s get going…

The tide has turned, winter is receding,
Sun floods in illuminating, warming.
I sit gazing up at sunny pines,
Circling rooks against the blue
Vie for nesting sites.
The sap is rising outside and in,
Until my sight is caught –
By sticky, floaty cobwebs; fluffy dust
And grimy windows, obscure my view.

I open the door and step outside…

The bright sunlight of this week end is a joy as it illuminates the “serious business” of enjoying life. But is also highlights the sticky, catchy stuff that dampens my mood and drags me back. The best antidote is to get out there and get busy like the rooks!


2 responses to “Let’s get going…

  1. Ah, the blue, the not quite forgotten – inspires me too
    * * * * * *
    This big question is, is that a one line haiku? It didn’t work as a three liner which we are more familiar with in th West.
    Thank you for contining to post your little stones.

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