Starting up again? – small stone

The light is green, ready to go,
Starting up normal routine.
I hit the road coughing and spluttering.
On hold for so long, my engine is cold, rough
Firing on only three cylinders.
My words are sporadic, stuttering and confused.
I stammer and sneeze, unfocused and incoherent,
But bright sunshine warms me, smoothing the road ahead.

Life is returning to normal routine for me this week and there is sense of starting back on track. But, as I struggle with a spluttering cold and cough,  it is less than an a smooth start and I am truly grateful for the warm sunshine and  the promise of spring ahead.


2 responses to “Starting up again? – small stone

  1. Baby steps, one at a time, taking your time. Give yourself time…and while you do, enjoy the warm sunshine and the promise of Spring – I hope it is healing for you xx

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