Watching waves – small stone collection

During this  “in between” time we are in as a family it was good to take a break and walk by the sea in the sun. Cold air, but bright sun, warm on our faces as we walked along the pier and watched the waves.

The beach in winter sun is a treat, and a promise of summer days to come – even if we are wrapped up in scarves and gloves right now.

It was this time last year on a simliar sunny February day that I captured the waves in this stitch sketch – part of my “small stones” collection.



4 responses to “Watching waves – small stone collection

  1. This is so pretty. Looking at creation is certainly soothing when we are sad. Thinking about you all.

  2. So lovely to see your thoughts expressed in textile form. I hope you are finding peace and tranquility in your surroundings right now, Cilla, after the events of recent weeks.
    Thank you so much for commenting on some of the ‘One Mindful Moment’ posts that I have made, by the way – seems I cannot reply directly through your WordPress address – so I hope my thanks reach you here! x

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