Waiting some more…

Waiting in the dictionary is defined in several ways
The differences are subtle.

  1. delaying,  postponing, putting off- as in decidng that something must wait.
  2. looking forward to, anticipating, expecting -as in children before Christmas, or being pregnant!
  3. serving, ready for – as in waiters  waiting at table

Often when I am waiting it feels like the first one to me… something is being withheld, or stopped. And yet the second definition reminds me that when something is not happening it is because the time is not right yet, the cake is not cooked, it is too soon. The waiting can even add a sense of excitement and hope. The third definition reminds me not to give up hope, but to be ready, ready to go when the time is right. Watching, waiting, ready for action…

The dictionary also tells me the origins of the word “waiting” has close connections with “watching”.  So there we are – back to the moment, watching, paying attention, noticing… Just keep on keeping your eyes open, Cilla!

What are you noticing while you wait…?


5 responses to “Waiting some more…

  1. …and yet, the first is being (or deciding to be) passive, and the third, active. The second is highly charged emotionally and physically. All quite different really. It’s a shame English doesn’t cover all the bases with subtleties of nuance, or different words.

    • But there is some fun to be had from exploring the nuances and discussing the differences… and I am still considering whether deciding to be passive is actually active! Can a choice be passive, or does passivity imply a relinquishing of choice…?? 😉

  2. Dunno. I’ll think about it whilst I’m walking the dogs in -8 – but bright sunshine.

  3. Procrastination is my middle name. I need to get to GO.

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