Timeless moment – small stone 31

Ancient grey stone bridge
Spans the smooth flowing water.
Sun shining white on frosted grass
And curved necks of swans
Reflected in the river’s mirror
Under timeless gaze of historic towers.

This picture is a famous view of Wimborne Minster where I live in the south of the UK, taken by well known Dorset photographer Roger Holman. Today as I drove to an early appointment the view easily  matched the beauty of his photo. Timeless…


6 responses to “Timeless moment – small stone 31

  1. Totally beautiful – I love it that you have experienced this on this very morning. Who could ask for more?
    Thank you for sharing your Small Stones over this last month – I have so enjoyed reading them and meeting you through them. xx

  2. Imagine the changes those “historic towers” have gazed on over time. Amazing. Beautiful words and photo. 🙂

  3. Yes, so many changes, and yet so many things remain the same!
    Thank you for all your beautiful words and photos too.

  4. This is such a beautiful photo, thank you for sharing it. I am in painting and crafting mode and the composition of the photo has made me think about setting up a photo. This one is a work of art.

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