Is it worth it? – small stone 23

The dash to the garage is dark and cold,
Rain is falling, the gathered leeks are slimy with mud
I peel earthy carrots under cold water
Thinking of trimmed, scrubbed veg in supermarket plastic.

But the bright orange zing,
And sweet delicate onion smell
Fresh earthy flavour and firm moist bite
Are reward enough on my plate!

The hard work of home grown veg isn’t just in the growing! The storing and preparing can take effort too. But inspite of  my shivery, dirty moments of doubt –  I do believe it’s worth it! And every part of the process provides opportunities for “small stones” too!


4 responses to “Is it worth it? – small stone 23

  1. Oh, yes – it’s worth it – then you can eat the veg and I can read the ‘Small Stone’ about it! 🙂

  2. Home grown veges are the BEST!! They taste so good it really makes me wonder just how many months veges are in cold storage. I’m impressed you got leeks – I had a good crop of carrots last year although they came out in really weird shapes. Lovely flavour too, even for boring old carrots!!

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