A year’s growth – small stone 19

This time last year
The redness was  bold and loud
A hot house plant
Splendid  and over the top
Forced for the season?

A year on,
After a plain green summer of quiet growth
With thicker, woody stems, and deeper roots
It has changed, gradually …
Smaller blooms but more numerous
Authentically red,
A real  poinsettia?

I was noticing that the new poinsettia I bought for this Christmas seems to have out grown its strength and lost its leaves very fast. Last year’s is still going strong, after a year of quiet and unspectacular difficult moments and steady growing, it seems to have developed a less showy and more authentic resilience.


8 responses to “A year’s growth – small stone 19

  1. Well done you for getting a poinsettia through a year – I am impressed! isn’t it fascinating to see if/what thrives or succumbs? Gardening never fails to intrigue and fascinate me.
    Loving your small stones 🙂 xx

    • I can’t take credit for getting it through the year! – it is my husband who keeps an eye on plants in the conservatory. But this year’s probably won’t last past the weekend! Just interesting to wonder why some survive and others don’t. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Perhaps a reminder that it’s best not to be forced?

  3. martininwhangarei

    Perhaps a reflection on all life – we tend to mould and shape and force everything, when sometimes all we need to do is let be.
    But well done on keeping a poinsettia going – either you or your husband – and thanks for sharing the experience.

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