“Rough guide” – small stone 14

A memory of methods and mistakes
Spiral bound, bulging and misfitting pages
Resist all attempts at tidy closure.
First stitches and faltering steps,
Try outs,  new techniques,
Avenues explored and cul-de-sacs,
Nice spots and no-go areas,
This messy map and souvenir collection,
Stitch sketchbook.

As I write this  I am reminding myself that nothing is wasted “en-route” in sewing and in life! Very hard to believe sometimes that things that seem to have “gone wrong” or been “unsuccessful” may be useful later! Mmmmm….


4 responses to ““Rough guide” – small stone 14

  1. Ohmygosh – what synchronicity! I am just uploading some images from my own ‘Inspiration’ file, to a writing group of which I am a member. They are all concerned with converting a garage here into a writing studio, and I have been pulling images from just such a folder as yours!
    So agree with you that what might first seem ‘a mistake’ can be utilised in a totally different way at another time. My old embroidery tutor, Valerie Campbell-Harding was a genius at doing this!

    Love this ‘Small Stone’ Cilla xx

  2. tangible evidence of growth and development I’d say. 🙂

    • Tangible – what a good word Louise! One of the reasons I so love textiles….
      Adjective: Perceptible by touch.
      Noun: A thing that is perceptible by touch.
      Synonyms: palpable – concrete – touchable – real – tactile

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