Kitchen friend – small stone 13

Your red eye glowers at me,
Against your dark brown exterior
You splutter, gurgle and hiss at me,
Black liquid trickles from your mouth
Dribbling into the waiting jug.
Your pungent aroma assails my nostrils
And awakens my senses
Aaah…… coffee!

Writing this small stone this morning, took my focus from a swirling mass of anxious thoughts, and brought me literally to my senses! – a calming concentration on sights, sounds and smells. A mindful moment…. Oh, and the taste helped too!


4 responses to “Kitchen friend – small stone 13

  1. It is a lesson for me in patience – to actually wait for the jug to fill rather than sneak a cupful as it brews!! Mmmmmm.

  2. well done!!! I can sense the aroma from your words.

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