Notice – small stone 12

Today I notice the word,
Observe, perceive and pay attention
I respectfully evaluate and
Write my announcement.
Origins from ancient greek and latin –
“gnosis and “noscere”.

I am noticing, getting to know
Becoming aware.

Just like my father, I love words, meanings of words, and even enjoy reading the dictionary!! For me it is like collecting beads, buttons, stones, or fabric pieces -all treasure for the stash! Any one else out there enjoy reading the dictionary?  or am I just “sad”!


4 responses to “Notice – small stone 12

  1. I have the dictionary app on my IPad and every morning I turn it on it gives me a new word and it’s meaning. I love it!

  2. I always have a pile of books beside my bed, some to study, some to entertain me and poetry to dip in and out of but the 2 that are always beside me are my bible and my dictionary.

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